Paper Census

If you have not got counted (enumerated) online, submit the paper census form (questionnaire) in an envelope at the post office or put it in the post box as soon as possible.
Paper Census
How do I submit a completed Census form?

You can submit the completed paper Census form in the envelope provided to you at the Census contact point, at any post office or via mailbox.

Submit the filled in (completed) paper census form (questionnaire) as soon as possible.

What does the Census form look like?

The primary form for a household has 16 A4 pages and consists of two parts: a part with data on housing and household composition and a part for individual persons (for a total of 5 persons). The 2021 Census form contains only half of the questions than in the Census of 2011, it is user-friendly and contains a number of simple instructions.

Are there more than 5 people living in your household? Then you need an additional household form that contains questions for another 6 people.

There is also a separate type of form, which is intended for people living individually in an accommodation or other collective living quarters. It has 4 pages and does not contain a section with information about the dwelling and household composition.

Paper forms are only in Czech. Printed translations in 7 languages (English, German, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Romani) are available upon request from the Census enumerator or at a contact point. The language versions serve as instructions to fill in the original Czech form.

How to fill in the Census form?

The paper Census contains simple instructions for each individual question designed to help you fill in the Census form. Please read the instructions on page 2 of the form before filling it out. In order for us to consolidate the data properly, we need to follow a few simple rules:

  • Provide all information as of midnight from Friday 26 March to Saturday 27 March 2021.
  • Write answers only in black or blue pen.
  • Use capital letters according to the example on the form.
  • Write directly into the white boxes.
  • Write only one character in each field, including hooks and commas.
  • Use an abbreviation for long answers.
  • Where there is a choice of more than one item, mark the correct answer with a cross.
  • Unless stated otherwise, cross out only one option per question.
  • If you make a mistake, cross the box out and write the correct answer next to it.
What is Census form about?

The 2021 Census form contains only half of the data than in the Census of 2011. We only collect information that is not available from the state's databases and therefore cannot be found in any other way. You will fill in information about the dwelling where you live and about everyone who lives there with you.

The Census contains questions on whether you live in your own or rented dwelling, the area of the dwelling in square meters, the number of rooms, gas and water facilities and the type of heating. We also look for information on your first residence after birth, your place of usual residence a year before the Census, information on the highest educational attainment, employment and place of work or school.

Questions concerning ethnicity and religious beliefs are voluntary, therefore it is up to you to decide whether to answer them or not. To fill in the data on all persons living in the dwelling, you need their names, birth numbers or numbers of personal documents issued by the Czech Republic and dates of birth.

We do not ask about any property conditions or about health status.