Industry - January 2019

Industrial production slightly decreased

Code: 150153-19

In January 2019, working days adjusted industrial production decreased at constant prices by 1.1%, year-on-year (y-o-y). Seasonally adjusted industrial production decreased by 1.3%, month-on-month (m-o-m). The value of new orders increased by 1.9%, y-o-y.

Industrial production1 decreased in January 2019 at constant prices by 1.3%, m-o-m. In the year-on-year comparison it decreased by 1.1%; it was partially due to a high comparison base in the last year. The following economic activities contributed the most to the y-o-y change of industrial production: manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers (contribution −1.4 percentage point (p. p.), drop by 6.9%), manufacture of rubber and plastic products (contribution −0.5 p. p., drop by 5.9%), and manufacture of wood and of products of wood and cork, except furniture; manufacture of articles of straw and plaiting materials (contribution −0.3 p. p., drop by 17.9%). Industrial production increased in the following economic activities: electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply (contribution +1.9 p. p., growth by 16.0%), manufacture of food products (contribution +0.3 p. p., growth by 6.8%), and manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations (contribution +0.2 p. p., growth by 22.9%). Non-adjusted industrial production was by 1.1% lower, y-o-y (there was the same number of working days in January 2019 and January 2018).

Sales from industrial activity at current prices2 increased by 0.2%, y-o-y, in January 2019. Direct export sales of industrial enterprises increased at current prices by 0.1%. Domestic sales, which include also indirect export via non-industrial enterprises increased at current prices by 0.4%.

The value of new orders2 in surveyed industrial CZ-NACE activities increased by 1.9%, y-o-y, in January 2019. Non-domestic new orders increased by 2.7%, while domestic new orders increased by 0.3%. The y-o-y increase of new orders in total was the most contributed to by the following CZ-NACE divisions: manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers (contribution +1.7 p. p., growth by 4.4%), manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products (contribution +1.1 p. p., growth by 12.4%), and manufacture of paper and paper products (contribution +0.2 p. p., growth by 10.0%). New orders decreased in manufacture of machinery and equipment (contribution −0.8 p. p., drop by 7.2%), manufacture of other transport equipment (contribution −0.2 p. p., drop by 9.0%), and manufacture of chemicals and chemical products (contribution −0.2 p. p., drop by 2.9%).

The average registered number of employees3 in industry decreased in January 2019 by 0.5%, y-o-y. Their average gross monthly nominal wage increased in January 2019 by 7.2%, y-o-y.

According to the Eurostat news release, working days adjusted industrial production in the EU28 in January 2019 decreased by 0.4%, y-o-y.


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Along with publication of results for January 2019, a model used for adjustment of time series of industrial production index was changed. An indirect adjustment method is used now. It is applied to the lowest source aggregates of the industrial production index; a weighted average of the adjusted source data is made to get adjusted higher aggregations.

In the News Release on Industry, the text related to the industrial production index has been modified; now, year-on-year data adjusted for working days are emphasised. Contributions to an increase or to a decrease are calculated from the adjusted data. Concurrently, the way of publication of data on employment changed; instead of numbers (absolute values) for a sample of industrial enterprises with 50+ employees, only year-on-year indices for the entire statistical population of enterprises principal (prevailing) activity of which is industry are published.




1The year-on-year development of industrial production is adjusted for working days unless otherwise stated. Month-on-month or quarter-on-quarter rates are also seasonally adjusted. Contributions to an increase or to a decrease are calculated from data that are adjusted for working days.

2The year-on-year development of sales at current prices and the value of new orders are not adjusted.

3Indicators related to employment in industry apply to the entire population of enterprises the principal (prevailing) activity of which is industry. The registered number of employees indicator does not include persons working under various contracts for work, working owners of enterprises, and cooperating household members, who do not have contracts of employment. The piece of data on the registered number of employees in industry also excludes agency workers, who have contracts of employment within economic activities of services (CZ-NACE 78.2).

In accordance with the revision policy of the CZSO, along with the processing of data for January 2019, data for the year 2018 have been revised.

Responsible head at the CZSO: Radek Matějka, Director of the Industrial, Construction, and Energy Statistics Department, phone number: (+420) 274 052 894, e-mail:
Contact person: Iveta Danišová, Head of Industrial Statistics Unit, phone number (+420) 274 054 191,
Method of data acquisition: direct survey of the CZSO (Prům 1-12)
End of data collection: 8 March 2019
Related outputs: time series 

Next News Release will be published on: 8 April 2019


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  • Chart 1 Industrial production (base indices)
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  • Chart 3 Industrial production index – international comparison (base indices, seasonally adjusted)
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Published: 15.03.2019
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