Accessibility Statement


The Czech Statistical Office declares that the form of web presentation is in accordance with the Decree No. 64/2008 Sb., on the form of publication of information relating to performance of public administration via web pages for persons with health handicap (decree on accessibility) and it fullfils regulations mentioned in the attachement of this decree.


The CZSO web presentation complies with the decree with the following exceptions. Alterations were not made on the following parts of the web presentation (e.g. Database of external trade statistics, Volby. czResults of Elections up to the year 2008). These parts will be gradually modified.

List of the most important details according to the Decree 64/2008 Sb.:

  • Graphic objects made for operating pages have alternative text definition.
  • Changes of the content part of the presentation are caused only by activation of some element.
  • All texts are defined in relative units so they can by simply increased or decreased using standard web browser tools.
  • The web pages controls and layouts are made with regards to the best accessibility of other alternative web browsers.
  • Colours of the text and background are adequately contrastive.
  • The pages are accessible also in case of ignoring colours on web pages, styles and text size and using different colour schemes of the operation system.
  • In forms are particular form elements linked with their characterizations.
  • The web presentation respects standards of W3C consortium. Visual presentation is created with the aid of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), web presentation must also be accessible without using these cascading styles without loss of content information.
  • When creating the content of the web presentation, it is recommended to use marks for headings and lists according to the specification.