The Czech Statistical Office (CZSO) is a central body of the state administration of the Czech Republic. It was established on 8 January 1969 by the Act No 2/1969 Sb., passed by the Czech National Council, on establishment of ministries and other institutions of central government of the Czech Republic.

Management and Organisational Structure - information on the management of the CZSO, the organisational structure, and a description of the Czech Statistical Council;

Key Documents - annual reports, legislative documents, strategic documents;

Activities of the CZSO - public inquiries, current and past events, conferences, collaboration with other institutions, European Statistical System, international co-operation;

Projects - survey of implemented and ongoing projects cofinanced not only by the European Union;

Public Services - a complete list of services with direct contacts for experts, office hours, orders, forms, pricelist;

For the Media - communication with representatives of the media, organization of press conferences, publication of press releases, articles, and background materials for journalists. Publication of journals of the CZSO (Demography, Statistika, and Statistika & My) and other publications;

Official Notice Board - information on the CZSO publication of which is obligatory;

Personal data protection (GDPR) - information about processing and protection of personal data (under the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council) for web users, respondents, job applicants, recipients and users of services;

History of the Statistical Office - a detailed description of the history of statistics from the 18th century to the present;

Awards od the CZSO - an overview of prizes awarded to the CZSO.