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Publication dateCodeNameProduct type
10.12.2018020030-18Guests at hotels - October 2018Time series
10.12.2018012024-18Consumer price indices - inflation - November 2018News Release
10.12.2018012021-18Consumer Price Indices - Cost of Living (monthly) - November 2018Time series
07.12.2018990016-18Newsletter - 49/2018 (Czech only)Newsletter
07.12.2018241013-18External trade of the Czech Republic - monthly data - October 2018Publication
07.12.2018012026-18Average prices survey of selected products - fuels and oil products - 49. calendar week of 2018Time series
07.12.2018150153-18Industry - October 2018News Release
07.12.2018200035-18Construction - October 2018News Release
07.12.2018150147-18Industry - monthly data - October 2018Time series
07.12.2018200027-18Construction production index - October 2018Time series
07.12.2018200028-18Building Permits Granted - October 2018Time series
07.12.2018200029-18Housing construction - October 2018Time series
07.12.2018241018-18External trade - October 2018News Release
07.12.2018200060-18Construction - Employment and wages - October 2018Time series
07.12.2018241017-18External trade in goods in cross-border concept - October 2018Time series
07.12.2018242002-18External trade in goods in the national concept - October 2018Time series
07.12.2018200031-18Construction work orders - 3. quarter of 2018 (revision)Time series
07.12.2018150148-18Industry - quarterly data - 3rd Quarter of 2018 (revision)Time series
07.12.2018241048-18External trade in goods - cross-border concept by country - October 2018 (Czech only)Time series, Open Data
06.12.2018120019-18Retail trade - October 2018News Release
06.12.2018180026-18Services - Monthly Sales indices - October 2018Time series
06.12.2018120016-18Sales indices in retail trade - October 2018Time series
06.12.2018180033-18Market Services - Monthly Sales indices - October 2018Time series
06.12.2018030022-18Monthly sales indices in transportation, information and communication - October 2018Time series
05.12.2018270127-18Livestock Slaughtering - October 2018Publication
05.12.2018211001-18Direct Public Support of R&D - 2017Time series, Publication
04.12.2018110030-18Average gross monthly wage per FTE person - 3. quarter of 2018Time series
04.12.2018110031-18Average wages - 3. quarter of 2018News Release
04.12.2018110028-18The development of the Czech labour market - 3. quarter of 2018Analysis
04.12.2018270139-18Food Consumption - 2017Time series, Publication
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