Statistical data are issued in various forms. Use the simplest way to statistical figures and information:

Catalogue of products – a well-arranged and comprehensive list of all outputs of the CZSO. Besides publications, you can find there all time series, revisions, analyses, News Releases, and data sets;

Analyses, commentaries - commented development of the given statistical area;

News Releases – all published News Releases sorted by year and topic;

Press Releases – information on topical issues, interesting things, invitations for press conferences, etc.;

Publications – all issued publications sorted by year and topic;

Time series – data in long-term and updated time series by topic;

Just released products - the list of latest products;

Open Data - datasets with statistical data, election results, code lists and information about CZSO in an open format that is suitable for remote access and machine processing;

Yearbooks - Statistical Yearbooks of the Czech Republic since 2003, regional, demographic, and other thematic yearbooks;

Journals - periodicals published by the CZSO: Statistika – Economy and Statistics Journal, Demografie, Review for Population Research;

Experimental statistics – outputs from statistics the development of which has not been finished, yet. Limits for use of these data are described in methodological notes;

For Students - datasets for school and student's papers, Statistics in pictures, New trends of the web statistics and much more;

Orders and Forms - on-line order form, contacts, subscription, shop.