The following statistical databases and registers can offer you complex data:

Public Database – a unified and basic data source for presentation of statistical data targeted mainly on the public;

Database of National Accounts – macroeconomic data;

Database of Demographic Indicators for Selected Towns of the Czech Republic – The presentation of demographic data for selected towns in a long time series follows the former CZSO’s publication entitled “The development of basic demographic indicators for selected towns of the Czech Republic”;

Database of Cross-border movements of goods – data on exports and imports, according to the cross-border movement of goods;

The Basic Register of Legal and Natural Persons (ROS) – is one of the basic registers of public administration. It registers legal entities and organizational units of legal entities, entrepreneurial natural persons, entrepreneurial foreign entities and organizational units of foreign persons, organizations with an international element, organizational units of the state and public authorities;

Business Register – a public list of legal persons and natural persons with the status of an entrepreneur and organisational units of the state that are accounting entities – kept updated.