Demografie, Review for Population Research - No. 4/2020

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David Morávek – Jitka Langhamrová
Mortality Patterns during the Transformation Era in Czechia 1989–2019 PDF
Luděk Šídlo – Branislav Šprocha
Changes in the Population Age Structure of Czech Districts in 1989–2019 PDF
Nusrat Jafrin – Muhammad Mehedi Masud
The Demographic Dividend and Economic Growth: an Integrated Theoretical Framework PDF
Jana Křesťanová
Trends in Marriage and Divorce Rate in the Past 30 Years (1989–2019) PDF
Tomáš Fiala – Jitka Langhamrová
Changes in the Age Structure and the Ageing of the Population of Czechia after the Year 1989 PDF

Radek Havel
Population and vital statistics of the Czech Republic: 2019, cohesion regions and regions
Population and vital statistics of the Czech Republic in towns with population above 50 thousands: 2019
Abstracts of Articles Published in the Journal Demografie in 2020 (Nos. 1–3) PDF
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Published: 15.12.2020
The data are valid as of the release date of the publication.