Demografie, Review for Population Research - No. 4/2015

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Roman Kurkin – Michaela Němečková
Population Development in the Czech Republic in 2014
Ladislav Průša
The Impact of Population Ageing on the Need for Social Care Services to 2030
Kristýna Peychlová – Petr Holpuch
Possible Applications of Domestic and International Experiences in Creating a National Homeless Census in the Czech Republic

Václava Vaňková
Factors of Migration and Statistics on Foreign Nationals in the European Union
Luděk Šídlo
The Demographic Atlas of the Slovak Republic

45th Conference of the Czech Demographic Society
News from the Czech Demographic Society
Eduard Souček Celebrates a Special Birthday

Gabriela Kociánová – Vendula Moszová – Markéta Růžičková – Jitka Slabá – Michaela Vrabcová – Olga Kurtinová
A List of Articles Published in Demografie on Selected Topics in Theoretical Demography
Radek Havel
Population and Vital Statistics of the Czech Republic 2014: Towns with More Than 20,000 Inhabitants; Population and Vital Statistics of the Czech Republic 2014; Regions and Districts

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Published: 14.12.2015
The data are valid as of the release date of the publication.