Agriculture - 1st quarter of 2017

Production of pigmeat and poultrymeat as well as beef down

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In Q1 2017 the meat production amounted to 105 770 tonnes (−3.5%, year-on-year); it consisted of 17 110 tonnes of beef (−4.6%), 51 665 tonnes of pigmeat (−4.6%), and 36 964 tonnes of poultrymeat (−1.2%). Prices of cattle for slaughter did not change, y-o-y (0.0%); they rose for pigs for slaughter (+18.8%) and slightly also for chicken for slaughter (+1.9%). Milk collection from producers reached 711 787 thousand litres (+0.3%); the price of milk grew, y-o-y, by 7.6%; farmers sold milk on average for 7.85 CZK per litre.

Slaughtering and meat production

In Q1 2017 the number of slaughtered cattle accounted for 57.6 thoushead (4.6%), of which 22.3 thous. were bulls (8.5%), 26.9 thous. were cows (2.8%) and 6.1 thous. were heifers (+3.8%). The total beef production amounted to 17 110 tonnes (4.6%). Decreased number of slaughtered bulls reflected a decline in the number of cattle for fattening. The decrease in the number of animals intended for slaughter from indigenous farms was not compensated even by their imports and, therefore, imports of beef recorded a distinct increase.

The long-term decreasing trend in the number of slaughtered pigs continued although its speed went down (to 571.7 thous. head; 1.7%). The decline in the pigmeat production by 4.6% was influenced also by lower weight of slaughtered animals. In total 51 665 tonnes of pigmeat was produced.

The poultrymeat production in Q1 2017 recorded a slight drop to 36 964 tonnes, i.e. by 1.2% less, y-o-y.

Cattle, pig, and poultry numbers

The number of cattle in the Czech Republic at the beginning of Q1 2017 was 1 339.6 thous. head; by 2.0% less, y-o-y. The number of cows, i.e. the main category of adult cattle over 2 years, decreased only slightly (to 560.8 thous. head; 1.0%). On the contrary, in the age class of 1 to 2 years a distinct drop was recorded for bulls for fattening (to 91.0 thous. head; 10.4%) as well as for replacement heifers (to 195.1 thous. head; 2.5%) as a consequence of considerable exports of calves and young cattle during 2016.

The number of pigs decreased to 1 479.3 thous. head (4.9%), y-o-y, of which the number of pigs for fattening by 7.6% and the number of sows by 5.0%. The population of sows declined by 10 thousand head during the last two and a half years; July 2014 was the last time when it accounted more than 100 thous. head.

The number of poultry went slightly up (21 750.5 thous. head; +2.1%); the number of laying hens at the turn of 2016/2017 was by 17.8% higher than a year earlier and accounted to 4 528.7 thous. head.

Agricultural producer prices of cattle, pigs and chicken for slaughter

Agricultural prices of cattle for slaughter in Q1 2017 went slightly up for calves for slaughter (+1.8%); they got close to the level of Q1 2016 for adult cattle categories: +0.3% for bulls, +0.5% for heifers, and 0.7% for cows. The average price of bulls for slaughter was 47.09 CZK per kg of live weight or 85.70 CZK per kg of carcass weight.

Agricultural producer prices of pigs for slaughter went up by 18.8%, y-o-y. Producers sold pigs for slaughter for the average price of 31.42 CZK per kg of live weight or of 40.84 CZK per kg of carcass weight.

Agricultural producer prices of chicken for slaughter were by 1.9% above the level of Q1 2016. Chicken for slaughter of the first quality class were sold on average for 23.96 CZK per kg of live weight.

External trade in live animals and meat

According to preliminary results, external trade1) in live animals in weight units in the period from December 2016 to February 2017 reached a positive balance (17 169 tonnes for cattle, 4 813 tonnes for pigs, and 9 698 tonnes for poultry).

Exports of live cattle (50.0 thous. head) distinctly exceeded their imports (0.8 thous. head) and went down by 16.2%. Exports of animals for slaughter declined (to 10 929 tonnes of live weight, i.e. approximately the amount corresponding to monthly meat production in the Czech Republic, and 16.7 thous. head; 23.7%); as well as exports of animals for further rearing (to 33.2 thous. head; 11.9%). Cattle were exported mainly to Austria (animals for slaughter), Turkey (ones both for breeding and for further rearing) and Germany (ones both for further rearing and for slaughter).

The category of pigs up to 50 kg prevailed in imports of live pigs, although these imports continued to fall (to 52.6 thous. head; 12.2%, y-o-y) and, on the contrary, exports rose (to 16.8 thous. head; +6.5%). Exports included mainly pigs for slaughter: 55.3 thous. head (21.2%) weighing on average 116.9 kg were exported. Live pigs were imported mostly from Germany,  Denmark and the Netherlands; they were exported to Slovakia, Hungary and Germany.

External trade with live poultry reached a positive balance both in day-old juveniles and in poultry for slaughter. During the reference period, in total 3.1 million head of day-old chicks (+4.7, y-o-y) were imported mainly from Germany and 21.3 million head (6.8%) were exported; out of which one half went to Slovakia. Exports of chicks for slaughter accounted for 4 622 tonnes (+6.9%) and were directed mainly to Germany and Slovakia.

External trade1) in meat showed a negative balance for all types: 5 371 tonnes for beef, 51 157 tonnes for pigmeat, and 17 935 tonnes for poultrymeat.

The deficit in trade with beef distinctly deepened, year-on-year. Its imports rose by 29.7% to 7 984 tonnes and its exports rose as well (by 6.9% to 2 613 tonnes). Imported beef came mostly from the Netherlands and Poland, imports from Germany rose twofold. Beef was exported mainly to Slovakia and the Netherlands.

The deficit in trade with pigmeat deepened, year-on-year, due to concurrent lower imports (4.5%, to 60 442 tonnes) and increased exports (+16.4%, to 9 286 tonnes). Imports from Poland and Germany decreased while those from Spain went up.  Exports went mostly to Slovakia.

Imports of poultrymeat declined, y-o-y (13.4%, 25 532 tonnes) as well as their exports (9.3%, 7 597 tonnes). Poland continued to dominate in imports while exports were directed mainly to Slovakia; however, share of exports to Germany increased.

Milk collection and agricultural producer prices of milk

In total 711 787 thousand litres of milk (+0.3%) were collected in Q1 2017 from domestic producers, of which 604 785 thousand litres by dairies (3.2%). Agricultural producer prices of milk were by 7.6% higher than in Q1 2016. Producers sold milk of Q quality class for the average price of 7.85 CZK per litre; i.e. by 1.03 CZK more than in Q4 2016.

External trade in milk and milk products

Considerable surplus in external trade1) in milk and milk products stayed at the same level, y-o-y (184 527 tonnes). Imports distinctly dropped (11.7%; to 59 345 tonnes) and exports declined as well (2.4%; to 234 872 tonnes). Decreased were recorded in all main commodities: milk and cream (19.9% for imports; 1.4% for exports), acidified milk products (12.0% for imports; 5.6% for exports), cheese and curd (10.8% for imports; 2.0% for exports), and butter (19.1% for imports; 47.8% for exports). Germany and Slovakia were the most important trade partners for both directions together with Poland for imports and Italy for exports.



1) Intrastat does not include individual trading operations carried out by persons who are not registered for VAT as well as reporting units below the applicable thresholds of CZK 8 million a year for both flows are not under reporting duty for Intrastat.



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Statistical survey of the Czech Statistical Office on livestock slaughtering (Zem 1-12), on cattle production (Zem1-02), on pig production (Zem2-02), and poultry production (Zem3-01)
Publication of the CZSO: Agricultural Producer Price Indices (code 011045-17)
External Trade Database of the CZSO
Outcomes of statistical surveys of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic on milk collection (Mlék(MZe) 6-12, Odbyt(MZe)6-12) and on poultry purchase (Drůb (MZe) 4-12)
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