Czech Republic in Figures - 2018

Code: 320203-18
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Contact: Ing. Dana Habartová

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Czech Republic geography in 2017 Excel PDF
Comparisons of EU countries in 2017 Excel PDF
Municipalities and regions of the Czech Republic as at 31 December 2017 Excel PDF
Regional comparisons in 2017 Excel PDF
Population Excel PDF
Gross domestic product Excel PDF
Finance Excel PDF
External trade Excel PDF
Standard of living Excel PDF
Consumption of the population Excel PDF
Employment and wages Excel PDF
Environment Excel PDF
Agriculture Excel PDF
Agriculture and forestry Excel PDF
Industry Excel PDF
Industry and energy Excel PDF
Construction Excel PDF
Tourism Excel PDF
Communication technologies Excel PDF
Information society Excel PDF
Science and research Excel PDF
Education Excel PDF
Health Excel PDF
Social security Excel PDF
Culture Excel PDF
Organizational structure of the national economy Excel PDF
Justice, crime, accidents Excel PDF
Selected CZSO publications Excel PDF
Calculations in the tables are based on non-rounded figures (including totals).

The English version of the Czech Republic in Figures was published under a separate code until 2014 (in 2014 the code was 320204-14).
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Published: 12.12.2018
The data are valid as of the release date of the publication.