Statistical Yearbook of the Czech Republic - 2014

Methodology Word PDF
17-1. Construction production index Excel
17-2. Employees of construction enterprises and average monthly gross wage Excel
17-3. Financial indicators of construction in 2013 Excel
17-4. Financial management indicators of construction enterprises Excel
17-5. Construction work “S” by type of construction Excel
17-6. Construction work “S” in the Czech Republic by region of the construction site Excel
17-7. Construction work “S” in the Czech Republic by the CZ-CC Excel
17-8. Construction work orders Excel
17-9. New construction of non-residential buildings by the CZ-CC Excel
17-10. Dwellings started Excel
17-11. Dwellings completed Excel
17-12. Size of dwellings in completed multi-dwelling buildings Excel
17-13. Size of dwellings in completed family houses Excel
17-14. Basic data on completed residential buildings Excel
17-15. Building permits granted and the approximate value of constructions Excel
17-16. Building permits granted by region Excel
17-17. Approximate value of constructions, for which building permits have been granted, by region Excel
Graphs PDF

Published: 26.11.2014
The data are valid as of the release date of the publication.