CZSO as the coordinator of the State Statistical Service of the Czech Republic


Czech Statistical Office according to § 4, paragraph 3 of Act No. 89/1995 Sb coordinates the State Statistical Service, which is performed by other Authorities of the State Statistical Service.

The coordinating role of national statistical offices (Czech Statistical Office in the Czech Republic) is also defined in the Regulation on European Statistics, specifically in Article 5 paragraph 1. It is further specified in Article 5a in paragraph 2 and is also highlighted in the European Statistics Code of Practice, where a separate principle 1bis – Coordination and cooperation is devoted to it.

As part of its coordination activities, the CZSO cooperates with the Authorities of the State Statistical Service, or with ONAs (Other National Authorities) when preparing their statistics as follows:

  • organizes so-called methodological days, where they are informed of the necessary up-to-date information related to the preparation of statistical surveys or other current tasks and problems,
  • provides consultations and methodological assistance in connection with the preparation of statistical surveys, protection of confidentiality and provision of confidential statistical data, determination of ONAs, etc.,
  • prepares and updates methodological manuals for the performance of the state statistical service,
  • keeps a list of units of the State Statistical Service, a list of ONAs and keeps records of promises of confidentiality,
  • cooperates in sharing administrative data sources; enters into mutual cooperation agreements with the owners of this data,
  • coordinates the activities of interdepartmental expert commissions to ensure relevant statistical information,
  • coordinates the preparation of statistical classifications and code lists,
  • enables participation in selected CZSO educational events,
  • manages the Inter-institutional Coordination Group for Statistics, which is the working body of the Committee for the European Union at the working level in the field of statistics.

General coordination activities in relation to other producers of statistics are under the responsibility of the general methodology and registers section, while specific topics are the responsibility of the general methodology department and the relevant departments of the CZSO.