Czech Republic in International Comparison (Selected indicators) - 2021

Agriculture, Forestry
4.1. Land use by agriculture, 2019 Excel PDF
4.2. Total agricultural labour force input, index (2010 = 100) Excel PDF
4.3. Yields of selected crops Excel PDF
4.4. Harvested production of cereals including seed Excel PDF
4.5. Meat production Excel PDF
4.6. Total use of manufactured fertilizers – Nitrogen Excel PDF
4.7. Total use of manufactured fertilizers – Phosphorus Excel PDF
4.8. Sales of pesticides Excel PDF
4.9. Aquaculture production Excel PDF
4.10. Share of forest area Excel PDF
4.11. Employment – forestry and logging Excel PDF
4.12. Production of roundwood in the rough, total (under bark) Excel PDF
4.13. Production of fuelwood (including wood for charcoal) Excel PDF
4.14. Exports of roundwood Excel PDF
4.15. Imports of roundwood Excel PDF

Published: 21.02.2022
The data are valid as of the release date of the publication.