Statistical Yearbook of the Czech Republic - 2017

Methodology Word PDF
5-1. Goods and services account Excel
5-2. Goods and services account – volume indices Excel
5-3. Output by economic activity Excel
5-4. Gross value added by economic activity Excel
5-5. Final consumption Excel
5-6. Final consumption – volume indices Excel
5-7. Income components of gross domestic product by sector Excel
5-8. Income and current expenditure by sector Excel
5-9. Capital and financial transactions by sector Excel
5-10. Primary income Excel
5-11. Secondary income Excel
5-12. Financial transactions: assets Excel
5-13. Financial transactions: liabilities Excel
5-14. Financial balance sheet – assets (as at 31 December) Excel
5-15. Financial balance sheet – liabilities (as at 31 December) Excel
5-16. Balance sheet by group of sectors (as at 31 December) Excel
5-17. Changes in the net financial position of the CR in relation to the ROW Excel
5-18. General government deficit Excel
5-19. General government debt (as at 31 December) Excel
5-20. Detailed tax and social contribution receipts of the general government sector Excel
5-21. Gross fixed capital formation (fixed assets, total) by economic activity Excel
5-22. Acquisition of new buildings and structures by economic activity Excel
5-23. Acquisition of new machinery and equipment by economic activity Excel
5-24. Net fixed capital (fixed assets, total) by economic activity (as at 31 December) Excel
5-25. Gross fixed capital (fixed assets, total) by economic activity (as at 31 December) Excel
5-26. Changes in inventories (inventories, total) by economic activity Excel
5-27. Inventories, total by economic activity (as at 31 December) Excel
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Published: 22.11.2017
The data are valid as of the release date of the publication.