Online Census

The electronic Census form will be available from 27 March to 11 May. Enumerate yourself using this website or in our mobile application, which can be downloaded using Google Play or App Store under the name "Census21". Those who do not enumerate themselves online will have to fill out a paper Census form.
Online Census
How do I log in to the online Census form?

To access the online Census form, use the number of a valid personal document issued by the Czech Republic (ID card, passport or documents given to foreigners) and date of birth. You can also use an electronic identity ( or a data box of a natural person. After that, please follow the instructions on the website.

To access the electronic form via an identity document, you must be registered in the population register and the dwelling address must be in the Census address database (only in Czech). If the user's identification data does not correspond to the data entered in the population register managed by the Ministry of the Interior, or the address entered is not in the database, it is not possible to continue filling in the electronic Census form. In this case, it will be necessary to be enumerated using a paper Census form.

You can easily access the electronic form for example via banking identity if your bank is offering this service. Select this way of logging in via Electronic Identity (Czech only).

What makes an electronic Census form better?

With the electronic Census form, the Census is safe and easy. You can fill it in from anywhere and without contacting the Census enumerator. The form contains autocomplete and automatically displays a selection of questions based on the data entered previously (for example, a question about employment will not be displayed to a child). It allows logical checks of the links between responses and offers context-sensitive instructions for filling in and submitting the form.

In addition to Czech, the form is available in 7 other languages (English, German, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Roma).

How to fill in the online form?
The electronic Census form is user-friendly and intuitive. It can be filled in by anyone who uses an Internet browser. The form contains simple instructions for each individual question designed to help you fill in the electronic Census.
What is Census form about?

The 2021 Census form contains only half of the data than in the Census of 2011. We only collect information that is not available from the state's databases and therefore cannot be found in any other way. You will fill in information about the dwelling where you live and about everyone who lives there with you.

The Census contains questions on whether you live in your own or rented dwelling, the area of the dwelling in square meters, the number of rooms, gas and water facilities and the type of heating. We also look for information on your first residence after birth, your place of usual residence a year before the Census, information on the highest educational attainment, employment and place of work or school.

Questions concerning ethnicity and religious beliefs are voluntary, therefore it is up to you to decide whether to answer them or not. To fill in the data on all persons living in the dwelling, you need their names, birth numbers or numbers of personal documents issued by the Czech Republic and dates of birth.

We do not ask about any property conditions or about health status.

Can I enumerate someone else?

Yes, It is possible to fill in the Census form for other members of your family. However, you must know the household situation as well as the required personal data of its members, such as name, birth number or identity card number issued by the Czech Republic (ID card, passport or documents issued to foreigners) and date of birth, as well as information for the personal part of the form (e.g. first residence after birth, information on education or employment).

Look through the contents of the form, in order to see what information is needed.

You can help someone fill out the online form, who cannot do it themselves.