Prague and the Czech Republic - Information for visitors

We recommend to visitors to check the following websites where they can find helpful information for their stay in Prague and the Czech Republic.

1. The official travel and tourism guide of the Capital City of Prague - Prague Information Service
History and culture of Prague, sightseeing, contacts to tourist information centres and services provided to visitors including guides and bookings.

2. The official travel site of the Czech Republic
Basic facts about the Czech Republic, its regions, history, UNESCO sites, castles and spas, Czech cuisine, leisure, sport and music.


Visitors can spend in Prague pleasant time discovering historical monuments and interesting places, enjoying the Czech cuisine and cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city or going for a trip outside Prague and visiting different regions of the Czech Republic. One of the advantages of Prague is that there are many sights concentrated within the walking distance in the city centre so everything a visitor needs is a good map and a pair of comfortable shoes.
In case the visitors prefer a guided tour they can use services of local tourist agencies.

We recommend several sights which we consider must-to-see locations. Please see links below.