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on the right are Chapters with data and indiocators. Each Chapter has its metodology.

Gender publications are aslo available, both regular and irregular issued.

Gender statistic cover data by sex and - where it is possible, by other factors (age, marital status, educational attainment...). There are mentioned 8 basic areas with gender data: Demography (Population and Families), Health, Education, Labour, wages, Social security, Justice and crime, ICT (Information and communication technologies, but there is also data for Research and Development Workers).


Definition of the Gender statistics: This term means, that all statistic connected with individuals should cover sex as a category and all parametrs and other characteristics should be analysed and presented with an accent on sex, that is the primary and general category of division. All statistics should consider gender aspects because od the social interest.

Data lists: In case of graphs in data section there are hidden data lists. To picture them use your mouse (the right button).

Gender statistics are necessary for the fair base for political decision. 

The main result od the gender statistics are in the Yearbook, Focus on Women and Men and in the analytical publication (issued once in three years), Women and Men in Data:

Ženy a muži v datech (2017)

Focus on Women and Men (2017)

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