Statistics of industrial goods and services (PRODCOM) - Methodology


Statistics of industrial goods and services is a very important part of industrial statistics. This statistics, also calledProdcom“ ("PRODuction COMmunautaire" - Community Production) provides data on structure of industrial production (total production and sold production) of industrial enterprises and exceptionally non-industrial enterprises with a significant share of industrial activity or producing special products. This structure is broken down by the CZ-PRODCOM list of industrial goods and services (Czech version of the European classification PRODCOM), which is closely connected with the nomenclature HSCN. Statistics of industrial goods and services is the only source of information on the structure of industrial production which is relatively independent of organizational, ownership or production-process. It provides high-quality, detailed picture of industrial production in the Czech Republic.

Some of the surveyed indicators are used as a source of information for annual structural business statistics (SBS), macroeconomic statistics, i. e. National Accounts and calculation of GNP and GDP and external trade statistics. There is also an important link between statistics of production and price statistics. Analysing the linkages between these statistics contributes to the quality of the data and leads to better classification of enterprises by their principal activity.

Statistics of production of industrial goods and services represented by the questionnaire Prům 2-01 and its structured content, linkages to other questionnaires and relations to other statistics, represents a rich source of information and a „backboneof industrial statistics.

I. Basic definition of activities classified as industry

Within the CZ-NACE classification, activities under the sections B (Mining and quarrying), C (Manufacturing), D (Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply) and E (Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities) are considered to be industrial activities.

The CZ-PRODCOM List is the national version of european list of industrial products and services PRODCOM. The CZ-PRODCOM List is more detailed in decomposition of divisions 05 to 39 of CZ-CPA classification of products. The list is in accordance with the PRODCOM List updated annually.

II. Data source

The data source for annual statistics of industrial goods and services is surveyPrům 2-01“ Annual questionnaire in industry. Specimens of statistical forms are available at (Czech only).

III. Statistical population

Reporting enterprises are taken from the Statistical Business Register on the basis of their principal (prevailing) economic activity and their size (number of employees or turnover). „Prům 2-01“ is an exhaustive survey. In general, the contents and purpose of statistical surveys, set of reporting units, type of statistical survey, periodicity and deadlines for data provision are regulated by the decree on the programme of statistical surveys for a given calendar year.

IV. Key indicators published

Production (actual production, total production, T) – whole production actually carried out during the reference period on the national territory, no matter its use (no matter if it was sold, stocked or used for further processing).

Production sold (sales, S) – production sold  (invoiced) during the reference period, no matter when it was produced.

Both indicators are surveyed and published in value (CZK thous.) and in volume where it is possible due to the type of products.

Valuation of production is based on basic prices invoiced to customers or passed on to its own retail network. Value does not include VAT, excise duty and customs duties, but includes subsidies or grants for the production of the product / service. Trade increases and reductions and transport charges invoiced separately are excluded.

V. Retroactive corrections, revisions

Data revisions and retroactive corrections are governed by the revision calendar, which results from the CZSO revision policy. In the case of statistics of industrial goods and services, preliminary data are transmitted in T+6 months to Eurostat. In T+10 months updated data are published. In the year Y+2y the first revision is published (it contains data corrections based on the next year data collection), this 1st revision data are considered to be definitive and published with the Y+1y data. Due to the nature of the data, in which  could be higher rate of misclassification, extraordinary revisions outside the revision calendar are permissible.

VI. International comparability

Statistics of industrial goods and services in the European Union are provided by the COUNCIL REGULATION (EEC) N° 3924/91 of 19 December 1991 on the establishment of a Community survey of industrial production and COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No 912/2004 of 29 April 2004 implementing Council Regulation (EEC) No 3924/91 on the establishment of a Community survey of industrial production. All the published indicators comply with the above regulations.

VII. Methodological comparability with other surveys

Indicators of the industrial goods and services statistics are comparable to specific indicators of short-term industrial statistics and annual structural business statistics, but they differ in published breakdown (product vs activity approach) and statistical population.

Comparability with the external trade statistics (Intra+Extrastat, export of industrial services) allows to assess the accuracy of the classification of exported industrial products and industrial services and material connection between the data reported in external trade statistics and industrial statistics.

IX. Types of released data

Annual statistics of industrial goods and services results are published:
1) e-publication Production of Selected Industrial Products (link to Catalogue of Products)
2) sent to EurostatProdcomStatistics by Products
3) in other documents on the Internet

X. Additional methodological information and external links

CZ-PRODCOM List (Czech only)
Eurostat: Metadata
Eurostat: ProdcomStatistics by Product (legislation, EU data)


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