Rules for Pricing


1.1 Providing of statistical information free of charge

In accordance with the Act No. 89/1995 Coll., on the State Statistical Service, § 18 Provision of Statistical Information, article (1), letter a), The Czech Statistical Office provides the Parliament, the President of the Republic, the Cabinet, the Supreme Audit Office, the Ministries and other administrative authorities, the courts of law, the Czech National Bank, the Security Information Service, the State Agricultural Intervention Fund and the territorial governments with requested produced statist ical information free of charge.

Nevertheless, providing these institutions with statistical information prepared on order is charged, if not concluded otherwise in a special agreement on mutual cooperation.
In accordance with the relevant provisions of § 18, article (1), letter b) of the Act, the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO) provides produced statistical information to anyone who requests it. Existing CZSO outputs are listed in the Catalogue of products (hereinafter "Catalogue"), and are provided free of charge if it is possible to obtain them via a remote access (public website). In the Catalogue, there is listed the price of these products in case they are provided in printed form or on a data media (e.g. CD).

Other produced statistical information (products not listed in Catalogue) is provided upon payment of necessary costs related to making copies, price of media and delivery of produced statistical information.

1.2 Providing statistical information for a fee

In accordance with the relevant provisions of § 18, article (1), letter c), the Czech Statistical Office may prepare and provide other statistical information on order for a price fixed by the agree­ment of both sides. The price reflects the necessary costs of preparing the required data sets. Prices of products and services are published in the Price List of Services and Products (hereinafter "Price List”). The Price List is updated as needed and published on the CZSO website. With regard to § 18 of the Act, prices of these products (i.e. other statistical information prepared on order) have a character of prices on contractual basis.

It is possible to conclude a written agreement for a customized data processing between the CZSO and a client. The agreement is obligatory in all cases the price exceeds 20 thousand CZK. In case the invoice is sent by post the invoiced price includes the postage.

For the conversion of the invoiced product price to EUR is used the exchange rate CZK/EUR announced by the Czech National Bank, valid as of 1st day of the month in which the invoice is issued.

The price for statistical data processing is to be paid in advance.

1.3 Ordering of statistical information (for all modes of providing)

The order of statistical data must be sent by e-mail or in written to the relevant department of the Czech Statistical Office.
In case the client authorizes another person/subject to apply for the data, it is necessary to sent to the Czech Statistical Office the original of a power of attorney with signatures certified by a notary (i.e. in written) of both: a representative of client (donor) as well as the person who will take over the data (donee).

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