Rodičovství a péče o děti v době pandemie Covid-19 v období 2020 a 2021 v Česku


Anna Šťastná
Demografie, 65(1): 3–22

This paper examines how couples with children aged 14 or under provided full-time childcare during three major Covid-19 lockdowns in Czechia. The analyses are based on the most recent data from the Czech GGS Covid pilot collected between December 2020 and February 2021, with a follow-up in April 2021. The results show that in all three lockdown periods, women were significantly more likely to be the ones left solely responsible for providing all-day childcare in the couple, even they were working as well as their partner. The odds of the woman being the sole provider of childcare increased with decreasing age and education, but also with the inability to flexibly adjust working hours.

Childcare, gendered division of care, fathers’ involvement, lockdown, Covid-19, Czechia, GGS

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