Producer Prices - Revisions


Revision of the data production system

The purpose of the revision is to update the system of price statistics creation, especially due to accumulated changes in the real described section. This update applies to sample collections of representatives and respondents, weighting scheme, price base and concept of calculation. Revision is usually carried out in five-year periods.

Regular revision of published data

Regular revisions (revisions for the purpose of specification the published data) are not carried out. Exceptions are monthly data of the price index of construction works, which are revised (backward specification) always after completed quarterly survey.

More detailed information to revisions:

Information on the revision of the industrial producer price index 2021

Currently we are preparing a revision of the calculation of industrial producer price index, which is a change from the original weighting structure for 2015 (domestic sales) on the new weighting structure of the year 2021 (domestic sales). There will be a slight variation of weights on the level of some aggregation of CZ-CPA on the three-digit and four-digit levels and a number of changes in the selection of reporting units and representatives. However, there was no fundamental change in the methodology for calculating indices.

Basic time series of basic indices 2015 average = 100 will be continued. Price indices with the base December 2015 = 100 will be replaced with new price base December 2021 = 100. Thus calculated indices will be from the four-digit level of CZ-CPA (and up) of the weighting scheme chained to the indices with the index base 2015 average = 100 and 2021 average = 100. This will ensure the continuation of the existing time series. Time series with the index base 2005 average =100 and 2010 average = 100 will be ended by December 2022. Derived indices (month on month, year on year, ratio of rolling averages) will be calculated from the basic series 2015 average = 100.

Publication of price indices for January 2023 will be postponed in accordance with ‘Catalogue of Products 2023’ to February 28, 2023.