Povojnové sčítanie ľudu na Slovensku v roku 1919


Branislav Šprocha, Pavol Tišliar

Demografie, 64(3): 242–258


The Population Census in Slovakia has a rich history. A total of 16 modern censuses have been carried out in the country, a figure that includes the last one in 2021. In addition to these well-known and long-term planned statistical events, however, some lesser-known and less analysed events in the scientific community have also been implemented in Slovakia. One of the most important ones was the post-war census from 1919.

The aim of this article is to present the most important information about the reasons this census was conducted in Slovakia in 1919, the course and form of its implementation, and how data and how much data were disseminated. In the last part of the article, we will try to present some basic results from the Population Census in 1919 that were published.


population census, post-war census, 1919, Slovakia

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