Populační vývoj v České republice v roce 2021


Jana Koukalová

Demografie, 64(3): 259–283


The article analyses the demographic development of Czechia in 2021 and sets it in the context of demographic trends in the past decade and especially in the period 2016–2021. The study focuses on the main demographic processes, namely fertility, mortality, nuptiality, divorce rate, and migration. Population data in 2021 were adjusted to the 2021 Population Census. Demographic development was significantly influenced by the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, the impact of which was most visible in the continued increase in mortality rates. The total fertility rate was the highest it has been in the last 30 years. The population of Czechia grew as a result of the positive balance of net migration, which was the highest in the last decade.


demographic development, population, age structure, nuptiality, divorce, fertility, mortality, migration, Czechia

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