On Saturday afternoon the CZSO will start to process the results of the presidential election


11 January 2018

On 12 and 13 January, the first round of the Election of the President of the Czech Republic will be carried out. Polling stations will be opened on Friday from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. and on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. A candidate who wins an overall majority of all valid votes will be elected President. If it does not happen, the second round of the election will be carried out fourteen days later, i.e. a run-off between two most successful candidates from the first round.

The Ministry of the Interior registered nine lists of candidates for the presidential election. Five candidates belong to no political party; four candidates are members of a party or a movement.

The voting will take place in 14 866 wards. The Czech Statistical Office created 427 points of handover (collection points) to collect results of voting from ward election committees.

Ward election committees will start to count votes after polling stations close. Afterwards, the ward election committees will write a record about the progress and the result of the voting. The record shall be signed by all members of the ward election committee confirming thereby that it is correct. “A signed record will be delivered by the committee to the so-called point of handover to the Czech Statistical Office. Employees of the CZSO will control formal correctness of the record and they will put the record into the system. The data are then sent in a secure electronic form to the centre of processing, where they will be saved in the database. Voting results for individual election wards are gradually released at the server volby.cz,” Eva Krumpová, Vice-President of the CZSO, says. The entire process of the election results processing is depicted in the infographics of the CZSO.

Final results of the first round are expected on Saturday evening. Some ward election committees might handover their records later due to winter weather and bad conditions on the roads that can complicate their way to the point of handover mainly in mountain areas. Also, some committees may record a higher number of voters as many people will be in the mountains and come to polling stations there to vote with their voter card. “We emphasise for all members of ward election committees to proceed with their work carefully, in accordance with the law and methodological instructions and not to rush their work in vain. It is, first of all, correctness of the entire procedure and perfection of voting results, which they will hand over to the Czech Statistical Office that are important,” Marek Rojíček, Vice-President of the CZSO, said.

In the Trutnov electoral district No 39, concurrently with the first round of the presidential election also the second round of additional senatorial elections will be carried out.

Ongoing and final results of elections are released by the CZSO at its server volby.cz or volbyhned.cz. You can find there also statistical overviews of data on candidates and open data. Interesting and important information is available also at Twitter of the Czech Statistical Office. The website czso.cz will not be accessible on Saturday during the processing of election results.


Petra Báčová
Spokeswoman of the CZSO
(+420) 274 052 017 | M (+420) 778 727 232
petra.bacova@czso.cz | Twitter @statistickyurad


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