Náhradní výživné v České a Slovenské republice


Naděžda Křečková Tůmová
Demografie, 65(1): 31–48

The advance of maintenance payment is a recently introduced social benefit that has existed in the Czech Republic since July 2021 and is available to parents as support for dependent children if the parents are not receiving adequate maintenance payments from their co-parent, i.e. the amount of support they receive is low or they receive nothing at all. In Slovakia, the history of this social benefit payment goes back to 2004, and the conditions for its provision have been released several times. Compared to the Czech Republic, in Slovakia the conditions for the provision of this social benefit are more open, more children are supported, and higher sums are spent on this benefit from the state budget. Also, the average amount of this benefit is higher in the Slovak Republic than in the Czech Republic, even in relation to the living minimum for a dependent child.

advance of maintenance payment, divorce, single parents, parent's maintenance obligation, conditions for providing advance of maintenance payment in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic

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