Czech Republic in International Comparison (Selected indicators) - 2021

Lists of graphs and cartograms
12. Regions
Population density per km2, 2018 Word PDF
Total population change, 2018 Word PDF
Migration population change, 2018 Word PDF
Gross domestic product, 2018 Word PDF
Economic activity rate, 2019 Word PDF
Employment rate, 2019 Word PDF
Unemployment rate, 2019 Word PDF

2. Population
Population that has attained at least upper secondary education, 2020 Excel PDF
Population that has attained tertiary education, 2020 Excel PDF

3. Labour, Social statistics
People at risk of poverty or social exclusion, 2020 Excel PDF

5. Industry, Energy, Construction
Energy productivity Excel PDF
Final energy consumption by sectors, 2019 Excel PDF

8. Macroeconomics
Government consolidated gross debt in % of GDP Excel PDF
GDP per capita, 2020 Excel PDF

Published: 21.02.2022
The data are valid as of the release date of the publication.