Information Technologies in the Czech Health Sector


Information technologies are a very important corner stone of more effective health care. Not only as a tool saving costs, but also to increase the quality of health care and patients‘ security.

Czech Statistical Office (CZSO) has been collecting data on the adoption and use of information technologies in health care since 2003. To manage that, CZSO uses 3 data sources:

Data on the availability and usage of information technologies in the healthcare sector are based on the
Institute of Health Information and Statistics Institute (IHIS) survey. The E (MZ) 1-01 statement contains a module about ICT and is sent annually to all health care facilities. The module was created in cooperation with the Czech Statistical Office and monitors the equipment of the health-care facilities by information technologies and also usage of these technologies.

Information about individuals reporting seeking health related information on the internet is available from the annual statistical survey conducted by the CZSO titled: “Sample Survey on ICT Use in Households and by Individuals”.

Eurostat on-line database was used for the international comparison.

For detailed data see the following tabulations:


  • Information technologies in the Czech health sector
  • Individuals using internet for seeking health related information in the Czech republic
  • More information can be found in the yearly publication “Information Society in Figures”, chapter G.

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