Image of the Czech Statistical Office in the View of the Czech Public


  • The Czech Statistical Office (CZSO) enjoys trust of 62% of citizens; 23% of them mistrust it. When compared to other institutions, this evaluation is rather favourable. Among institutions that were included in the opinion poll, the CZSO ranked high as for the proportion of trust only with a small or insignificant gap behind local councils, mayors, and the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic, with the lowest share of those who explicitly mistrust it.

Chart 6 Trust and mistrust towards the CZSO in the context of assessment of other institutions (%)

  • As for the public awareness, work of the CZSO is mainly connected with the Population and Housing Census and a survey on the population size. However, a significant majority of citizens also connects the CZSO with processing of election results, monitoring of the economic development, or publishing and providing of surveyed information. An idea that the CZSO makes pre-election polls is a rather widespread mistake.
  • A vast majority of the public considers the CZSO itself and its activity to be useful.
  • The Czech public acquaints itself with information of the CZSO definitely most often in the media, on the Internet in general as well as on websites of the CZSO as such, while both of the latter have been increasing over time. 30% of respondents at least sometimes actively seek information of the CZSO themselves.
  • Most of the respondents consider information provided by the CZSO to be trustworthy, accurate, and politically impartial. However, there is a big disunity and uncertainty regarding the issue whether publishing of information of the CZSO is liable to influences of the political or economic situation.
  • The CZSO is considered to be a professional institution by almost three quarters of citizens.

Source: Final report from an opinion poll of the Public Opinion Research Centre (CVVM) called Image of the Czech Statistical Office in the View of the Czech Public – 2018 (Czech only)