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Guide for Authors and Paper Submission
Thematic Focus of Articles and the Review Process

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Guide for Authors


The submission language is English only. Authors are expected to refer to a native language speaker in case they are not sure of language quality of their papers.

Recommended Paper Structure
Title (e.g. On Laconic and Informative Titles)
Authors and ContactsAbstract (max. 160 words)
Keywords (max. 6 words / phrases)
JEL code (

A - General Economics and Teaching
B - History of Economic Thought, Methodology, and Heterodox Approaches
C - Mathematical and Quantitative Methods
D - Microeconomics
E - Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics
F - International Economics
G - Financial Economics
H - Public Economics
I - Health, Education, and Welfare
J - Labor and Demographic Economics
K - Law and Economics
L - Industrial Organization
M - Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting
N - Economic History
O - Economic Development, Technological Change, and Growth
P - Economic Systems
Q - Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics
R - Urban, Rural, and Regional Economics
Y - Miscellaneous Categories
Z - Other Special Topics

1 Literature Survey
2 Methods
3 Results
4 Discussion
Annex (Appendix)
Tables and Figures

Tables and figures placed in the Annex (Appendix) we distinguish with the initial capital A (Table A1, Figure A1, etc.). For the review proces please place tables and figures in the text. In the final papers for print please place them at the end as shown above (figures extra in Excel with data sources).

Authors and contacts
Rudolf Novak,1 Institution Name, City, Country
Jonathan Davis, Institution Name, City, Country
1 Address. Corresponding author: e-mail:, phone: (+420)111222333.

Main text format

References in the text
Place references in the text enclosing authors’ names and the year of the reference, e.g. „…White (2009) points out that…”, „…recent literature (Atkinson and Black, 2010a, 2010b, 2011; Chase et al., 2011: 12–14) conclude…”. Note the use of alphabetical order. Between the names of two authors please insert „and”, for more authors we recommend to put „et al.”. Include page numbers if appropriate

List of references
Arrange list of references alphabetically. Use the following reference styles:

HICKS, J. (1939). Value and Capital: An Inquiry into Some Fundamental Principles of Economic Theory. 1st Ed. Oxford: Clarendon Press.

[chapter in an edited book]
DASGUPTA, P. et al. (1999). Intergenerational Equity, Social Discount Rates and Global Warming. In: PORTNEY, P., WEYANT, J. (eds.) Discounting and Intergenerational Equity. Washington, D.C.: Resources for the Future.

[on-line source]
CZECH COAL. (2008). Annual Report and Financial Statement 2007 [online]. Prague: Czech Coal.
[cit. 20.9.2008]. <>.

[article in a journal]
HRONOVÁ, S., HINDLS, R., ČABLA, A. (2011). Conjunctural Evolution of the Czech Economy. Statistika: Statistics and Economy Journal, 91(3): 4–17.

[article in a journal with DOI]:
STEWART, M. B. (2004). The Employment Effects of the National Minimum Wage [online]. The Economic Journal, 114(494): 110–116. <>.

Please add DOI numbers to all articles where appropriate (prescribed format = link, see above).

Tables and numbers
Provide each table on a separate page. Indicate position of the table by placing in the text “insert Table 1 about here. Number tables in the order of appearance Table 1, Table 2, etc. Each table should be titled (e.g. Table 1 Self-explanatory title). Refer to tables using their numbers (e.g. see Table 1, Table A1 in the Annex). Try to break one large table into several smaller tables, whenever possible. Separate thousands with a space (e.g. 1 528 000) and decimal points with a dot (e.g. 1.0). Specify the data source below the tables.

Figure is any graphical object other than table. Attach each figure as a separate file. Indicate position of the figure by placing in the text “insert Figure 1 about here. Number figures in the order of appearance Figure 1, Figure 2, etc. Each figure should be titled (e.g. Figure 1 Self-explanatory title). Refer to figures using their numbers (e.g. see Figure 1, Figure A1 in the Annex).
Figures should be prepared for black and white print accompanied by the *.xls, *.xlsx table with their data sources (MS Excel). Please provide cartograms in the vector format. Other graphic objects should also be prepared for black and white print and provided in *.tif, *.jpg, *.eps formats. Do not supply low-resolution files optimized for the screen use. Specify the source below the figures.

Paper submission
Please email your papers in *.doc, *.docx or *.pdf formats to All papers are subject to double-blind peer review procedure. Articles for the review process are accepted continuously and may contain tables and figures plased in the text (for final graphical typesetting shall be supplied separately as specified in the instructions above). You will be kept informed by our Managing Editor about all necessary details and terms.
Please be also informed about our Publication Ethics rules (i.e. Authors responsibilities).

Feel free to contact us.

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