Cross border movements of goods

Beware of the terminology change:
Since 2020, the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO) has changed the terminology and the manner in which data is presented. The external trade is now referred to as international trade. The data based on the change of ownership between residents and non-residents (former so-called the 'national concept of external trade'), from now on, is referred to as 'international trade in goods (change of ownership)'. The 'cross-border concept of external trade' is referred to Cross-border movements of goods.
Further information: Changes in international trade statistics

Cross border movements of goods reflects only physical movements of goods across the border regardless of whether the trade between the Czech and foreign entities occurs. These data are internationally comparable and can be used as indicators of development of value of the trade.

Cross border movements of goods
y-o-y increase/decrease, in %, April 2024

  • exports: 21,2
  • imports: 15,1
Release Date: 06 June 2024