Economic Accounts for Agriculture in Regions - Definitive Results for 2017 and Semi-definitive Results for 2018

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Regional Accounts for Agriculture – data for 2017
Tab.1 country: Hl. m. Praha + Středočeský Excel PDF
Tab.2 country: Jihočeský Excel PDF
Tab.3 country: Plzeňský Excel PDF
Tab.4 country: Karlovarský Excel PDF
Tab.5 country: Ústecký Excel PDF
Tab.6 country: Liberecký Excel PDF
Tab.7 country: Královéhradecký Excel PDF
Tab.8 country: Pardubický Excel PDF
Tab.9 country: Vysočina Excel PDF
Tab.10 country: Jihomoravský Excel PDF
Tab.11 country: Olomoucký Excel PDF
Tab.12 country: Zlínský Excel PDF
Tab.13 country: Moravskoslezský Excel PDF

Regional Accounts for Agriculture – data for 2018
Tab.14 country: Hl. m. Praha + Středočeský Excel PDF
Tab.15 country: Jihočeský Excel PDF
Tab.16 country: Plzeňský Excel PDF
Tab.17 country: Karlovarský Excel PDF
Tab.18 country: Ústecký Excel PDF
Tab.19 country: Liberecký Excel PDF
Tab.20 country: Královéhradecký Excel PDF
Tab.21 country: Pardubický Excel PDF
Tab.22 country: Vysočina Excel PDF
Tab.23 country: Jihomoravský Excel PDF
Tab.24 country: Olomoucký Excel PDF
Tab.25 country: Zlínský Excel PDF
Tab.26 country: Moravskoslezský Excel PDF

Graphic annexes
Graph 1 Output of cereals Excel PDF
Graph 2 Output of rape and turnipe rape seed Excel PDF
Graph 3 Output of fresh vegetables Excel PDF
Graph 4 Output of potatoes Excel PDF
Graph 5 Output of fresh fruit Excel PDF
Graph 6 Crop output Excel PDF
Graph 7 Output of milk Excel PDF
Graph 8 Animal output Excel PDF
Graph 9 Output of the agricultural “industry” Excel PDF
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Published: 29.11.2019
The data are valid as of the release date of the publication.