Digital Economy in Figures - 2019

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A ICT specialists and students Excel PDF

                ICT specialists, total
                ICT managers, professionals and engineers
                ICT technicians, installers and servicers
                Wages of ICT professionals
                Wages of ICT technicians
                University students of ICT fields of education
                University graduates from ICT fields of education

B ICT investment and expenditure Excel PDF
                ICT investment, total

                ICT equipment investment 
                Software investment
                Total household expenditures on ICT
                Household expenditures on telecommunication

C ICT research and development Excel PDF
                ICT R&D expenditures, total

                R&D expenditures in software
                Business R&D expenditures in ICT
                R&D expenditures in the ICT sector
                R&D personnel in the ICT sector

D ICT external trade Excel PDF
                ICT goods external trade, total

                Computer equipment external trade
                Communication equipment external trade
                Consumer electronics external trade
                Electronic components external trade
                ICT parts n.e.s. external trade
                ICT services external trade, total
                Computer services and software external trade

E ICT sector Excel PDF
                Employment in the ICT sector
                Turnover in the ICT sector
                R&D expenditures in the ICT sector
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Published: 14.01.2020
The data are valid as of the release date of the publication.