Death Announcement - Prof Ing Iva Ritschelova CSc.


Prague, 3 December 2017


   At deep sorrow we shall notice to all friends, colleagues, and the public that


Prof Ing Iva Ritschelová CSc,

 President of the Czech Statistical Office

passed away.


She deceased after a severe illness in late evening of 2 December aged 53 years.



Prof Ing Iva Ritschelová CSc was appointed to the title of the President of the Czech Statistical Office by the President of the Czech Republic, upon a proposal of the Government of the Czech Republic, on 1 September 2010. In her term of office, she promoted significant modernisation of statistics production processes, including the transition to the electronic data collection. She reduced total administrative burden onrespondents by statistical surveys by over 35%. She also encouraged raising of statistical literacy of the general public.


As an active member of academic community she dealt with education and enlightenment. She had ample work experience in abroad. She was an author of tens of professional publications focused on environmental economy and environmental policy.


She was a patriot of North Bohemia region and a benefactor of the Children's Home in the City of Ústí nad Labem on the North Terrace.



Tribute to her memory!


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