Czechoslovak Population Census – 1991


The next Czechoslovak population census took place on 3 March 1991. Based on international recommendations adopted by the UN European Economic Commission, questions about mother tongue and permanent residence at birth of the enumerated person were again included in the census. Processing was again made for resident population. Rapidly changing social and political situation after November 1989 (the Velvet Revolution) was reflected in the final phase of census preparations, especially as for the content and methodological changes. Question about denomination of the enumerated was again included in the questionnaire. In comparison to the 1980 census, some changes occurred in the way of surveying and processing of economic activity and social group. A very significant change was also in the classification of nationalities. Moreover, data on nationality did not have to be the same as the record in the identity card or another personal identification papers.

Final results were centrally processed in a computer centre of the Federal Statistical Office again at the computer Cyber 180. From the census results 1,172 titles were gradually published (of which 848 were for the Czech Republic). Besides basic publications, a huge amount of data and analytical works were published from the census. A very important position among issued publications belongs to the Source Work.