Change of the fixed base in short-term statistics


12 March 2018

Along with publication of results for January 2018, a change in the base period for short‑term statistics is made. Indices will be newly compared to the average of the year 2015 (previously it was 2010). This change applies to monthly statistics of industry, construction, retail trade, and services.

It is a standard step made every five years and coordinated within the European Statistical System. In the case of statistics of industry this change applies to the following indicators: industrial production index, sales from industrial activity, and new orders in selected industrial CZ-NACE activities. In statistics of construction it applies to the construction production index. In statistics of retail trade and services it is the indicator of respective sales indices.

Several methodological changes are reflected in the newly published results. New weighting schemes derived from results of structural business statistics for the year 2015 have been used. For conversion to constant prices, new price indices were used (also on the base of the year 2015). The most update administrative data have been used. New models in the JDEMETRA+ programme were used for seasonal adjustment.

The first results based on the aforementioned methodological changes will be published on 15 March 2018 in the News Releases with results for the month of January 2018.

Along with results for January 2018, time series recalculated back to the year 2000 for selected basic indicators will be newly published. Concurrently with this recalculation, a revision of results for the year 2017 has been made.

Time series published up to now (which were published until the end of the year 2017 based on the year 2010), will be available on the CZSO web pages in the time series archive.

For more information about methods and procedures used for the re-basing see the web pages at respective News Releases in the part called Methodology.


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