Tourism - 3rd quarter of 2011

Camp sites suffered for cold July

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In Q3 2011, the number of guests’ overnight stays in collective accommodation establishments decreased by 0.2% year-on-year, of which domestic by 4.1%, on the contrary the number of overnight stays of foreign guests increased by 4.8%. In total, more guests arrived by 2.4%, of which foreign by 5.1% and on the contrary domestic by 0.1% fewer.

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The number of overnight stays in collective accommodation establishments totalled 13.9 million in Q3 2011; this was down by 0.2% than in the same period of the previous year. The number of overnight stays of non-residents increased by 4.8%, residents spent a smaller number of nights by 4.1% compared to Q3 2010. A year-on-year growth was recorded by almost all categories of hotels – the most in four-star hotels by 9.6% and five-star hotels by 8.2%. In contrast other types of collective accommodation establishments reported a year-on-year decrease in nights spent – boarding houses (pensions) by 4.0%, camp sites by 10.1% and holiday dwellings and hostels for tourists by 9.0%.

From regional point of view, the highest increase was shown by accommodation establishments in region Vysocina (by 12.0%) and Capital city of Prague (by 7.0%). On the contrary, in Pardubicky region the number of overnight stays decreased by 15.8%; this was in particular due to small interest in overnights by domestic clients (a decrease by 17.0%). Foreign guests influenced a year-on-year index of overnight stays in Ustecky region, in which they spent by 20.8% more nights compared to the same period of last year.

A total of 4.4 million guests arrived in collective accommodation establishments; this was 2.4% up on Q3 2010. The number of non-residents increased by 5.1%; fewer domestic guests arrived by 0.1%. There were more guest in hotels both foreign and domestic (by 6.8% and 8.2% respectively). Fewer guests arrived in boarding houses by 0.6% compared to the same period of last year, the decrease of arrivals of non-residents was remarkable (by 5.2%), residents arrived by 0.6% more. Camp sites reported a year-on-year decrease by 8.2%; a year-on-year decline in July by 21.0% was influenced by cold weather in the beginning of school holidays.

From the regional point of view, the highest number of arrivals of guests was shown in Ustecky region (by 7.5%), in Moravskoslezsky region (by 7.4%) and region Vysocina (by 7.2%). On the contrary the highest decrease of guests was shown in Pardubicky region (by 12.0%)

The highest number of foreign guests (by country of origin) arrived as usually from Germany (425 thousand); this was by 6.9% up then last year. The second of the largest groups of foreign tourists were guests from Russia (157 thousand) with a year-on-year growth in arrivals by 25.6%. Among the first ten countries, from which foreign guests arrive the most often, a remarkable increase was also shown by guests from Slovakia and Spain (both by 13.8%); on contrary there were fewer guests from the Great Britain (by 14.3%).

In spa accommodation establishments the number of guests totalled 199 thousand in Q3; this was 1.7% up year-on-year. The number of residents went up by 3.1% and non-resident guests arrived the same number as last year. Guests in spa establishments spent 2.1 million overnight stays (decrease by 1.9%), of which non-residents by 2.7% up, in contrast residents by 4.5% down. In Karlovarsky region, with the share more than half in occupancy of spa establishments, the number of arrivals of domestic guests went up by 5.3% and foreign went down by 0.1%. The number of overnight stays of non-residents went up by 3.1% and residents went down by 4.8%.

Rooms of hotels and boarding houses (pensions) were used from 51.4% in Q3 2011; this was by 2.7 p.p. more than in the same period of the previous year. Five-star hotels with the highest utilisation from all hotels (68.5%) increased their usage by 4.4 p.p.; an utilisation of four-star hotels increased by 2.9 p.p. to 64.3%. An increase in use of rooms reported three-star hotels (by 2.1 p.p) and other hotels and boarding houses (by 1.4 p.p.).

Methodological note:
1 ) Data on guests at collective tourist accommodation establishments are obtained from the monthly CR1-12 sample survey and the quarterly CR2-04 survey. Data mentioned are sums of the data processed from submitted questionnaires and imputed data on the accommodation establishments that failed to report. Net use of room is the number of overnight stays in a particular period divided by the number of room-days (stated as a percentage).

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Method of data acquisition: direct surveys of the CZSO in collective accommodation establishments
End of data collection: 26 October 2011
End of data processing: 1 November 2011
Data for 3rd quarter 2011 are preliminary; final data for all months of 2011 will be available in May 2012 at the latest.
Quarterly data since 2000 are available in time series.
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Published: 08.11.2011
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