Services - 1. quarter of 2023

Sales in services decreased

Code: 180030-23

In the Q1 2023, sales decreased by 0.1% both quarter-on-quarter (q-o-q) and year‑on-year (y-o-y).

“After seven successive quarters of year-on-year increases of sales, industries of services reported in the first quarter of 2023 a decrease, namely by 0.1%. Mainly the CZ-NACE section of transportation and storage with a decrease by 3.6% contributed to the decrease of sales. The decrease in transportation was especially influenced by development in warehousing and support activities for transportation and also in land transport and transport via pipelines. Within services, accommodation and food service activities were the most successful economic activity; it reported an increase by 9.1%,” Tomáš Harák, Head of the Services, Trade, and Environmental Statistics Data Support Unit of the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO), says.

Quarter-on-quarter, seasonally adjusted sales in services1) decreased in real terms by 0.1%, in the Q1. An increase of sales was only recorded in professional, scientific and technical activities and in information and communication. 

In the year-on-year comparison, sales adjusted for calendar effects decreased by 0.1%. A year-on-year decrease was recorded by the following industries of services (CZ-NACE sections): transportation and storage and administrative and support service activities. 

Development in individual industries of services (CZ-NACE sections) was as follows:

  • in transportation and storage, sales decreased by 3.6%. The total decrease was the most contributed to by the development of sales in warehousing and support activities for transportation where sales decreased by 5.5%. A sales decrease was also recorded by land transport and transport via pipelines (by 3.2%) and postal and courier activities (by 3.0%). On the other hand, sales increased in water transport (by 21.8%) and air transport (by 27.1%);
  • in accommodation and food service activities, sales increased by 9.1%. In accommodation, sales increased by 24.8% and in food and beverage service activities by 4.7%;
  • in information and communication, sales increased by 2.1%, mainly due to the development of sales in computer programming, consultancy and related activities (growth by 4.8%) and sales in telecommunications (growth by 2.7%). On the other hand, lower sales were recorded in programming and broadcasting activities (by 0.9%), publishing activities (by 1.6%), and information service activities (by 5.7%), which include, for example, data processing, hosting and related activities; web portals. Sales decreased the most in music and motion picture activities, namely by 6.7%;
  • in real estate activities, sales increased by 0.2%, y-o-y;
  • in professional, scientific and technical activities2) sales increased by 1.9%. The highest sales increase by 3.8% was recorded in legal and accounting activities and in architectural and engineering activities; technical testing and analysis by 3.4%. Sales in activities of head offices; management consultancy activities increased by 2.0%, in advertising and market research by 1.3%. On the other hand, a sales decrease by 3.4% was reported by other professional, scientific and technical activities, which include, for example, business brokerage activities, translation and photographic activities, or activities of quantity surveyors;
  • in administrative and support service activities, sales decreased by 3.2%. The highest decrease of sales occurred in travel agency, tour operator and other reservation service and related activities by 13.2% and in employment activities by 10.5%. Sales in rental and leasing activities decreased by 3.9%, in security and investigation activities by 1.7%. On the other hand, an increase of sales was reported by services to buildings and landscape activities by 2.6% and by office administrative, office support and other business support activities by 5.5%.



All data in the text of the News Release are presented at constant prices. The year-on-year development is published after having been adjusted for an influence of the number of working days. Quarter-on-quarter rates have also been seasonally adjusted.
Enterprises are classified to the economic activity according to their principal (prevailing) activity, which is such an activity, from which the enterprise gets the highest value added.

Data for the Q1 2023 are preliminary; final data for individual quarters of 2023 will be released in March 2024.


We point out that since the way estimates for a non-surveyed part of the sample are made has changed, previously released data may be revised more.
For the purposes of the News Release, services include the following CZ-NACE sections: Transportation and storage (H), Accommodation and food service activities (I), Information and communication (J), Real estate activities (L), Professional, scientific and technical activities – excluding Scientific research and development and Veterinary activities (M excluding 72 and 75), and Administrative and support service activities (N).
2) For the purposes of the News Release, section M – Professional, scientific and technical activities does not include CZ-NACE 72 – Scientific research and development and CZ-NACE 75 – Veterinary activities.

Responsible head at the CZSO: Marie Boušková, Director of the Trade, Transport, Services, Tourism, and Environmental Statistics Department, phone number: (+420) 274 052 935 or (+420) 732 349 448, e-mail:
Contact person: Jana Gotvaldová,
Head of the Trade, Transport, and Services Statistics Unit, phone number: (+420) 274 052 691 or (+420) 735 130 284, e-mail:
Method of data acquisition: direct survey of the CZSO (
SP 1-12)

End of data collection: 26 April 2023

End of data processing: 2 May 2023

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  • Chart 3 Sales in services – international comparison (base indices, seasonally adjusted, current prices)
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Published: 10.05.2023
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