Retail Trade - November 2012

Higher interest only in computers and purchases via the internet

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In November, sales in retail trade including the automotive segment after seasonal adjustment decreased by 0.6% at constant prices, month-on-month, and working days adjusted by 3.5%, y-o-y. Non-adjusted sales decreased by 1.8%, y-o-y, due to lower sale in both the automotive segment and retail trade alone.

After seasonal adjustment sales in retail trade including sale and repair of motor vehicles decreased by 0.6% at constant prices in November, m-o-m; working days adjusted sales decreased by 3.5%, year-on-year. Non-adjusted sales decreased by 1.8%, y-o-y (there was by 1 working day more than in November 2011). The y-o-y drop of sales was reflected in both the automotive segment and retail trade (see Table 2).

Seasonally adjusted sales for sale and repair of motor vehicles (CZ-NACE 45) decreased by 0.8% at constant prices, m-o-m; in the year-on-year comparison, sales adjusted for working days decreased by 5.8%. Non-adjusted sales decreased by 3.0%, y-o-y, for the repair of motor vehicles by 3.1% and for sale of motor vehicles (including spare parts) by 2.9%.

In retail sale including sale of automotive fuel (CZ-NACE 47) seasonally adjusted sales at constant prices decreased by 0.6%, m-o-m, and sales adjusted for working days by 2.4%, y-o-y. Non-adjusted sales decreased by 1.3%, y-o-y, for automotive fuel by 2.9%, for non-food goods by 1.2%, and for food by 0.7%.

The drop of sales in retail trade was the most contributed to by lower sale of household equipment (it includes sale of electrical appliances, furniture, household articles, ironware, building material) by 5.5%. Sale of automotive fuel did not get revived even by the m-o-m decrease of their prices. Food sale continued to drop both in specialised and non-specialised stores (-4.8% and -0.4%, respectively) and after thirteen months of continual growth also sale of clothing and footwear slightly decreased (-0.3%). Higher interest of consumers was shown only in purchases of information and communication equipment (+6.3%) and in retail sale via mail order houses or via Internet (+6.0%). Cultural and recreation goods in specialised stores and dispensing chemist, medical and orthopaedic goods, cosmetic and toilet articles in specialised stores reported only a slight increase (+0.2% and 0.1%, respectively).

The price deflator (CZ-NACE 47) related to the corresponding period of the previous year (VAT excluded) was 100.1%. In comparison with October 2012 it dropped by 0.8 p.p. Y-o-y increase of prices was recorded for automotive fuel and food, while at most of the non-food goods prices continued to fall, which was the most distinctive in the assortment of information and communication equipment.

International comparison of retail sales development in the EU Member States is available at: (

Data for November 2012 are preliminary; final data for all months of 2012 will be available in June 2013 at the latest.
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Method of data acquisition: direct survey of the CZSO (SP1-12)
End of data collection: 4 January 2013
End of data processing: 8 January 2013
Related outputs: Base and y-o-y indices from 2000 and 2001 are available in time series ( /csu/czso/sales_indices_monthly_retail_trade_hotels_and_restaurants_time_series )
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  • Table 1 Retail Trade, Sale and Repair of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles
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  • Graph 2 Retail trade turnover (CZ-NACE 47) - international comparison
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Published: 11.01.2013
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