Quarterly Sector Accounts - 2nd quarter of 2019

Income of households continued to increase in real terms

Code: 050057-19

According to seasonally adjusted data, the total of monetary and non-monetary income of households increased in real terms by 1.2%, quarter-on-quarter (q-o-q). The real consumption per capita increased by 1.5%, q-o-q, and the saving rate dropped by 0.4 percentage point (p. p.). The investment rate of non-financial corporations decreased by 0.3 p. p. compared to the previous quarter.

Non-financial corporations: both profit rate and investment rate decreased

The profit rate in the Q2 2019 was 46.3%, which is by 0.1 percentage point less, quarter-on quarter, and by 0.6 p. p.1 less, year-on-year. The total labour costs of non-financial corporations increased by 7.1%1, y-o-y. The investment rate decreased by 0.3 p. p., q-o-q, and reached 27.5%. It decreased by 1.5 p. p.1, year-on-year.

Households: both real income and consumption of households increased, q-o-q

The total of real monetary and non-monetary income of households per capita increased in the Q2 2019 by 1.2%, q-o-q, and by 3.5%1 in the year-on-year comparison. The household real consumption per capita grew even faster, q-o-q, namely by 1.5%. In the year-on-year comparison, the real consumption increased by 2.9%1.

The average monthly income from employment reached CZK 34 9951 in the Q2 and it increased in real terms by 1.2%, q-o-q; in the y-o-y comparison it was 3.2%1 up.

Resulting from the faster growth of household expenditure compared to their income was a lower saving rate compared to the previous quarter, i.e. 10.9%. The investment rate in the household sector remained unchanged, q-o-q, and reached 8.7%.

GDP estimate refinement

Concurrently, the gross domestic product (GDP) estimate has been refined. The GDP increased by 0.7%, q-o-q, in the Q2 2019 and in the y-o-y comparison it was 2.8% up. For the time series of GDP resources and uses see: https://www.czso.cz/csu/czso/hdp_ts.

1 Seasonally non-adjusted piece of data.

All terms are in terms of national accounts; for explanations of terms written in bold italics see: https://apl.czso.cz/nufile/Definitions.pdf.


Contact person: Vladimír Kermiet, Director of the National Accounts Department, phone number (+420) 274 054 247, e-mail: vladimir.kermiet@czso.cz
Used data sources updated as at: 26 September 2019
Related CZSO website: https://www.czso.cz/csu/czso/quarterly-national-accounts-gdp-resources-and-uses-and-gdp-preliminary-estimate
Next Release will be published on: 10 January 2020 (Quarterly Sector Accounts for the third quarter of 2019)

Data of quarterly sector accounts are seasonally adjusted unless otherwise stated.

The news releases of Eurostat on quarterly sector accounts are published later. The latest published information for the first quarter of 2019 is available at:
https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/web/products-press-releases/-/2-26072019-AP .

Quarterly sector accounts data are published on the CZSO website in the tables of Transactions in Products and Distributive Transactions by Sector:

and Quarterly Non-Financial Sector Accounts (Current and Capital Accounts): 




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  • Annexes:
  • Table 1 Selected indicators of Quarterly Sector Accounts - (seasonally non-adjusted data)
  • Table 2 Selected indicators of Quarterly Sector Accounts - y-o-y change (seasonally non-adjusted data)
  • Table 3 Selected indicators of Quarterly Sector Accounts (seasonally adjusted data)
  • Table 4 Selected indicators of Quarterly Sector Accounts - q-o-q change (seasonally adjusted data)
  • Chart 1 Average monthly income of households from employment – seasonally adjusted
  • Chart 2 Real income and consumption expenditure of households – seasonally adjusted
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Published: 01.10.2019
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