Producer price indices - October 2011

Prices of industrial producers recorded stable growth, y-o-y

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In October 2011, compared with the previous month, prices of agricultural producers and those of construction work fell both by 0.1%. Prices of industrial producers stayed unchanged. Prices of market services grew by 1.1%.
In comparison to October 2010, agricultural and industrial producer prices were 7.3% and 5.6% higher, respectively. Prices of market services were up 1.4%. Construction work prices decreased by 0.5%.

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Monthly changes

Agricultural producer prices fell by 0.1% in total. Prices of crop products decreased by 0.3%, lower were prices of cereals (-1.5%) and potatoes (-9.0%, industrial potatoes). Prices of vegetables (-9.6%) and fruit (-7.1%) decreased. Higher prices were recorded by industrial crops (+4.6%). Prices of animal products increased by 0.1%, higher were prices of eggs (+6.4%), cattle for slaughter (+1.2%) and milk (+0.3%). Prices of pigs for slaughter (-0.8%) and poultry (-0.7%) decreased.

Index of industrial producers remained stable in total. Prices went down primarily in ‘mining and quarrying’ (-2.3%), ‘chemicals and chemical products’ (-2.1%) and ‘basic metals, fabricated metal products’ (-0.2%). Prices went up in ‘coke, refined petroleum products’ (+1.2%), ‘transport equipment’ (+0.7%) and ‘food products, beverages, tobacco’ (+0.3%).

According to an estimate, construction work prices and construction material input prices decreased by 0.1% and 0.2%, respectively.

Market services prices in the business sphere increased by 1.1%. Price growth was recorded in advertising services (+9.1%) and freight transport services (+0.2%). Market services prices in total excluding advertising services stayed unchanged.

Annual changes

Agricultural producer prices were 7.3% higher (+9.9% in September). Prices of crop products grew by 7.3%, due to higher prices of cereals (+13.2%) and oil plants (+17.7%). Prices of fruit were higher (+6.8%, industrial apples). Prices of potatoes (-39.4%, main crop food potatoes) and vegetables (-35.5%) decreased. Prices of animal products grew (+7.3%), due to higher price of milk (+9.1%), poultry (+8.9%), cattle for slaughter (+6.6%), eggs (+5.0%) and pigs for slaughter (+4.2%).

Industrial producer prices gained 5.6% (like in September). Prices increased significantly in ‘coke, refined petroleum products’ (+26.4%), ‘food products, beverages, tobacco’ (+8.1%) and ‘basic metals, fabricated metal products’ (+5.9%). Y-o-y decrease was recorded only in ‘computer, electronic and optical products’ (-0.8%).
Among the main industrial groupings, prices of ‘energy’ increased the most (+9.3%), y-o-y.

According to an estimate, construction work prices were 0.5% lower (same as in September). Construction material input prices were 2.4% higher (+2.6% in September).

Market services prices in the business sphere were 1.4 % higher (+0.5% in September). Increasing were especially prices in advertising and market research services (+9.5%). On the increase were also prices of freight transport services (+2.1%) and insurance services (+0.7%). Lower prices were recorded in rental and leasing services (-6.1%), and telecommunication services (-0.3%). Market services prices excluding advertising services increased by 0.3% in total (-0.1% in September).

Industrial producer prices in the EU – September 2011*

According to the Eurostat News Release industrial producer prices in the EU27 increased by 0.4% in September (-0.2% in August), month-on-month. Among the Member States for which data are available, the largest increases were recorded in Hungary (+1.7%), Cyprus (+1.1%), Lithuania and the United Kingdom (+1.0% both). Prices increased in Poland (+0.7%), Germany and Slovakia (+0.3% both) and the Czech Republic (+0.2%). Decreases were observed in Sweden (-0.8%), Finland (-0.2%) and Latvia (-0.1%), while prices remained stable in Slovenia.

EU27 producer prices rose by 6.9% in September (+6.7% in August), year-on-year. The largest increases were observed in the United Kingdom (+13.2%), Lithuania (+12.2%) and Latvia (+9.3%). Prices rose in Poland (+7.3%), the Czech Republic (+5.6%), Germany (+5.5%) and Slovakia (+2.6%). The only decrease was recorded in Sweden (-0.3%).

* preliminary data

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Published: 15.11.2011
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