2021 Census also on social networks


16 February 2021

The Czech Statistical Office (CZSO) starts a campaign for the Population and Housing Census on social networks. A census page on Facebook and an Instagram profile were added to the existing social networks of the CZSO.

It is the aim of communicating the 2021 Census on social networks to address selected groups of people from the young to families with children to foreigners living in the territory of the Czech Republic. For that, the CZSO will use diverse formats of contributions, e.g. visuals, videos, quizzes, posts in foreign languages for national minorities or stories. Also several influencers (i.e. celebrities) who have a potential to address the given target group and persuade it that it has sense to get counted will participate in the campaign.

“We lead our campaign in a helpful and motivational mood. Although people are obliged by law to provide necessary data, we would like to persuade them that by actively filling in census forms (questionnaires) they will contribute to their better lives. Social networks will thus also increase awareness of usefulness and concrete utilisation of data from the Census,” Marek Rojíček, President of the CZSO, explains.

For the 2021 Census Facebook page, see https://www.facebook.com/scitani2021, for the Instagram profile see https://www.instagram.com/scitani2021/. The CZSO will also communicate about the Census on its existing social networks – Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

The CZSO has prepared a comprehensive communication campaign for the 2021 Census, which besides social networks also includes online internet advertising, advertising spots in televisions or in the Czech Radio. Concurrently, it will offer to the public a wide information support via web pages of the Census, a contact centre, or a chatbot.

The aim of the Population and Housing Census is to obtain precise and up-to-date data that serve to make planning of many aspects of the public life including education, health and social care, or the integrated rescue system more effective. The 2021 Census is being prepared primarily as an online Census, first time ever in the history of our country. From 27 March, people can get counted in a simple and safe way over the Internet on the following website: https://www.scitani.cz/csu/scitani2021/home. They can thus fulfil their legal obligation easily from their homes without a need to be in contact with a census enumerator (census officer) or to visit a contact point of the Census.


Jolana Voldánová
2021 Census spokeswoman

Mobile phone number: +420 
704 659 357
e-mail: jolana.voldanova@scitani.cz


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