Statistical Yearbook of the Czech Republic - 2009

Methodology Word PDF
25-1. Cases handled by district and regional courts Excel
25-2. Final decisions of courts and average length of judicial proceedings Excel
25-3. Prosecuted, accused and convicted persons Excel
25-4. Persons convicted of criminal offences: all offenders Excel
25-5. Persons convicted of criminal offences: juvenile offenders Excel
25-6. Persons in custody and in prison Excel
25-7. Accused persons: by sex and average custody length, 31 December Excel
25-8. Prisoners: by nationality, 31 December Excel
25-9. Accused and convicted persons: by nationality, 31 December 2008 Excel
25-10. Convicted persons who entered imprisonment Excel
25-11. Convicted persons: by prison category, 31 December Excel
25-12. Convicted persons: by age group, 31 December Excel
25-13. Convicted persons: by length of sentence imposed, 31 December Excel
25-14. Employment, average monthly earnings and vocational training results of convicted persons Excel
25-15. Extraordinary events Excel
25-16. Criminal offences relating to use and distribution of addictive substances, 31 December Excel
25-17. Crime Excel
25-18. Accidents in rail transport Excel
25-19. Road accidents Excel
25-20. Accidents in inland waterway transport Excel
25-21. Accidents in air transport Excel
25-22. Emergencies involving intervention of fire brigade units Excel
25-23. Expenditures on fire protection Excel
25-24. Fires Excel
25-25. Fires: by economic activity Excel
25-26. Fires: by economic activity, 2008 Excel
25-27. Fires: by cause, 2008 Excel
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Published: 30.11.2009
The data are valid as of the release date of the publication.