Statistical Yearbook of the Czech Republic - 2009

Methodology Word PDF
15-1. Key forestry indicators Excel
15-2. Forest ownership: 31 December Excel
15-3. Forest categorisation: 31 December Excel
15-4. Areas under tree species and afforestation/reforestation Excel
15-5. Afforestation/reforestation: total and by selected tree species Excel
15-6. Afforestation/reforestation and consumption of transplants: by tree species, 2008 Excel
15-7. Technical forestry indicators Excel
15-8. Land for afforestation/reforestation Excel
15-9. Removals of roundwood: by tree species Excel
15-10. Removals and deliveries of roundwood Excel
15-11. Selected forestry indicators: by region, 2008 Excel
15-12. Basic data on hunting grounds Excel
15-13. Stock and hunting of main game species Excel
15-14. Stock and hunting of other selected game species Excel
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Published: 30.11.2009
The data are valid as of the release date of the publication.