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How the Census Is Run

Before the Census officer comes:

From 26 February to 6 March 2011 Census officers shall be distributing, into post boxes, leaflets with basic information on the Census and a smaller sheet of paper bearing Information on Contact Persons and Locations stating name of the Census officer, who will bring the forms, number of his/her identity card, and date and time when he/she shall come to the household to hand over the Census forms.
The Census officers should mostly chose the visit time in late afternoon on working days or on weekends to find families at home.

If the Census officer is not successful in finding You at home on the prior communicated date and time he/she shall put into Your post box the Notice on the Date and Time of the Census Forms Delivery stating again name of the Census officer, number of his/her identity card, and date and time when he/she shall come for the second time. If the date and time are not suiting Your schedule You may call a toll-free line and make an arrangement on other time of the visit.

The Census officer name and the number of Census district, in which Census is carried out, shall be verifiable in every municipality at their Official Desk. The list of all Census officers shall be published at the website

The Census officer shall bring the forms:

From 7 to 25 March the Census officers shall pay visit to every household in the Czech Republic and hand over the Census questionnaires for every person living or staying in the household (including visitors, lodgers, and subtenants, who are present in the household in time of the decisive moment, even though their presence is only temporary).
The Census officers shall bear a Special Identity Card of the Census officer put on a visible place and shall prove his/her identity upon request, producing this SID card and also his/her Personal Identity Card, when paying visit to every household. At the same time, he/she shall carry a blue bag with a great yellow logo of the Czech Post over his/her shoulder.
The Census officers shall pay visit to Your household and hand over Census forms to You. He/she shall not enter Your dwelling unless You ask him /her to do so on Your own. He/she shall ask You to confirm You have taken over the forms by signing a notice. At the same time, he/she shall give You explanatory notes on the filling in of the forms and provide You with other information necessary.
The Census officers shall bring in total three forms with explanatory notes to Your household as follows:
Forms for all members of the household can be taken over by a person older than 15 years of age.
When delivering the forms the Census officer shall ask You, which way would You like to return the filled in forms, and shall make You an offer of three basic options:
  • on-line filling in and sending by means of the Internet;
  • handing over to the Census officer in person (if You have preferred this way the Census officer shall arrange an appointment with You, on which he/she shall come to collect the forms); or
  • sending in an envelope to the P.O. Box of the Czech Statistical Office (if You have selected this option the Census officer shall give You a pre-printed envelope of the A4 size; in this case there is no postage charged to Your household).
If the Census officer does not manage to see You at the date noticed in advance he/she shall put into Your post box the Notice on the Date and Time of the Census Forms Delivery stating name of the Census officer, number of his/her identity card, and date and time when he/she shall arrive for the second time.

In case even this second date does not suit Your schedule You may call a toll-free line 800 87 97 02, which shall be in operation from 26 February to 20 April 2011, every day from 8 to 22 o’clock, and make an arrangement of his/her visit for other date and time.

Filling in the forms:

Prior You begin to fill in the forms, read, please, carefully the explanatory notes. For aliens and ethnic minorities, explanatory notes shall be prepared in eight languages (English, German, Russian, Romany, Vietnamese, French, Ukrainian, and Polish).
The paper-based forms are best filled in by a black-ink ball-point pen. Please, do not fold the forms. They shall be processed by an automated mass scanning.
The forms can also be filled in electronically. In order to do so You need an Internet connected computer and the paper-based forms, which the Census officer has brought to You. There are two unique codes on the paper-based forms in their bottom right section. One code is numerical and the second one is alphanumerical. You shall enter these codes to log in at the website (after the decisive moment – midnight from 25 to 26 March 2011). This will open Your e-form and You can start filling in. For the sake of highest security possible You need Adobe Reader version 9.0 and higher to be able to fill in the forms on-line. If You have a lower version of this software installed in Your computer You will find right at the form filling pages a link for the download of the higher version of Adobe Reader required.
If the Census officer has managed to meet with You in Your permanent residence the form shall have Your first name and surname pre-printed. If You have been given the form at other address the Census officer had to fill in data in the form head by hand into a blank form.
Some data, which are available in administrative registers and registries, shall be pre-filled in the forms. You shall verify their validity, and may correct them, if necessary. This innovation should bring a reduced administrative load to You as the respondents. Your personal data, however, will be pre-filled in no case.
You can ask the Census officer to help You with the form filling in. His/her task is not merely to distribute and collect the forms yet also to give help to everybody who does not understand any column or has not enough strength to fill in the forms oneself. In such a case the Census officers are ready to receive data dictated by, for instance, an ill, elder, or blind person and fill in it into the forms.
You may call the toll-free line 800 879 702, which shall be operated from 26 February to 20 April 2011 daily from 8 to 22 o’clock.
All information can also be found at the website Questions may be sent via e-mail to
Pieces of information shall be filled in the Census forms according to the actual status as valid at the so-called decisive moment and this moment is the midnight from 25 March to 26 March 2011.

If a newborn was born two hours after midnight he/she was not in our world at the decisive moment and therefore he/she is not counted into the Census. If a newborn was born an hour before the midnight and thus there was already among us and must be given in the Census forms.
The Census forms collecting shall begin after the decisive moment.

Returning the filled in forms:

The filled in questionnaires may be returned the ways as follows:
  • filling in them electronically;
  • handing them over to the Census officer at his/her second visit as loose sheets or in a sealed envelope, which the Census officer is obliged to provide You with upon request;
  • sending them by as a postage-free mail to the Czech Statistical Office in an envelope with pre-printed address of its P.O. box; or
  • delivering them in person at a collecting point (a post office as given on the leaflet).

Legal entities may return the forms by means of their data boxes.

Irrespectively, which way of returning the forms, You have chosen, please, return the forms by 14 April 2011, at the latest.