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Census Forms

The Census serves not only for collecting of basic data on population, houses and dwellings, but also data, which cannot be collected in any other way, as this kind of information is not recorded in any information system of the public administration.


Census Form - Persons Census Form - Dwellings Census Form - Buildings
soubor ve formátu .pdf  Blank Census form soubor ve formátu .pdf  Blank Census form soubor ve formátu .pdf  Blank Census form
Translations of census questionnaires and explanatory notes to other languages

Census forms do not survey household equipment in terms of appliances anymore, passenger cars, cottages etc. The only question the Population and Housing Census asks in this field is whether the household has a personal computer and the Internet access; this question is justifiable due to the dynamic development in this domain and a wide range of possibilities the Internet provides to citizens (e.g. communication with public bodies). The Census is not interested in the computer ownership by individuals or in the number of computers in a household.

One of the innovative features of the 2011 Census is the utilization of available administrative data sources for pre-filling of the Census forms. The person concerned will then only verify the accuracy of data and correct them, if necessary and complete data, that are not pre-filled. This innovation should lead to a reduction in the administrative burden of respondents.