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Just released publications

12/16011039-14Producer Price Indices - basic information November 2014
12/15014007-14Indices of realized flat prices 3 quarter 2014
12/15130053-14Demografie, Review for Population Research No. 4/2014
12/15320199-14Small Lexicon of Municipalities of the Czech Republic 2014
12/12130062-14Population of the Czech Republic 3 quarter 2014
12/12320204-14Czech Republic in Figures 2014
12/10012018-14Consumer Price Indices (Cost of Living) - Basic Breakdown November 2014
12/10070006-14Business Cycle Survey in Enterprises of Industry, Construction, Trade and Selected Services November 2014
12/10290027-14Foreigners in the Czech Republic 2014
12/09150144-14Petroleum, Petroleum Products and Natural Gas January - September 2014
12/09160022-14Expenditures and Consumption of Households Included in the Household Budget Survey 3rd quarter 2014
12/09190030-14Economic Results of Health Insurance Companies 3 quarter 2014
12/08241013-14External Trade of the Czech Republic - monthly data October 2014

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