Population and Housing Census March 1, 2001

Final Results of the 2001 Population and Housing Census

Censuses in the World

There are lots of international organizations involved in preparations for censuses nowadays. The basic document concerning the preparations for censuses in the world around the year 2000 is the material called "Principles and Recommendations for Population and Housing Censuses", issued by the UN. Detailed information on the publication issued by the UN can be found at  http://www.un.org/Depts/unsd/.

Written for the countries of the ECE region was the document called "Recommendations for the 2000 Censuses of Population and Housing in the ECE Region ". This document was compiled in 1995 - 1996 in cooperation with the Conference of European Statistician, the Committee for Human Settlements of ECE, Eurostat and with the contribution by all European countries which took part in the process of preparation of and amendment to the document. The Recommendations define the basic principles of censuses, comprise a proposal for a list of indicators that individual countries should use in their censuses and their definitions and classifications.

Eurostat has organized many work sessions dealing with the preparation of the censuses. The Czech Statistical Office has taken an active part in the compilation of documents prepared for the censuses to be taken at the turn of the millennium. One of them that resulted from the sessions is the "Guidelines for the Community Programme of Population and Housing Censuses in 2001". This document proposes both the contents and the date of the censuses, i.e. the period between 1 January and 31 May 2001.

Now arrangements for the censuses in many countries of the world are under way. The results of the last censuses and information on the future ones can be found on the internet pages of the individual national statistical offices, e. g.:


Great Britain





New Zealand


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