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Statistical Yearbook of the Pardubický Region

4-1. Basic demographic dataExcel
4-2. Distribution of the population: by sex and ageExcel
4-3. MarriagesExcel
4-4. DivorcesExcel
4-5. BirthsExcel
4-6. AbortionsExcel
4-7. Deaths: by cause of deathExcel
4-8. Deaths: by sex, age and selected cause of deathExcel
4-9. Immigrants and emigrantsExcel
4-10. Basic demographic data: by district, 2009Excel
4-11. ForeignersExcel
4-12. Foreigners: by district, 31 December 2009Excel
4-13. Population projection: basic results (excluding migration effect)Excel
4-101. Basic demographic data: by region, 2009Excel
4-102. Foreigners: by selected citizenship, EU-citizens and non EU-citizens: by region, 31 December 2009Excel
Published: 17.12. 2010
The data are valid as of the release date of the publication.